GOE Spray is Donating to Help Our Essential Workers

Nurse in Covid Protective gear, Fire fighter in face-mask, male doctor in mask, female grocery store cashier in face mask, male police officer in protective mask


Like many of you, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has left me hunkered down at home feeling scared, and helpless. The relentless onslaught of virus related news can be overwhelming and even a bit numbing, but every day there are countless stories about our Healthcare workers, First Responders, and all our other Essential Workers and the heroic work they do in the face of the most unprecedented global event of our lives. These Essential Workers dedicate tremendous hours on their feet, often wearing layer upon layer of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), as they persevere for our society to function. These shining examples of bravery and self-sacrifice have inspired me to accelerate the launch of GOE Spray and to do what I can to support these Essential Workers. GOE Spray is donating 10% of all profits to Direct Relief, a nonprofit working in all 50 states as well as 80 countries and who has earned a top score from Forbes.com and a top 10 Charities ranking from Charity Navigator. Please click here to see how Direct Relief is helping to support our Essential workers. In addition, for every 100 bottles sold, we are donating 10 bottles of GOE Spray directly to Hospitals and Firehouses. I fully understand that eliminating the odor in a doctor's shoes is not going to kill off the virus, or magically imbue her/him with extra protection, but our sense of smell is more powerful than you might realize. Our olfactory receptors are directly connected to the Limbic System in the brain, which is responsible for our emotions. Pleasant smells have been proven to have dramatic effects in improving our mood and sense of well being. Together, we can ease a tired nurse’s feet or refresh an exhausted Firefighter’s boots. Help them leave the odor and stress of their incredibly hard and dangerous work behind so they can start a new day fresh and ready to serve once again. These heroes are putting their health on the line so we can continue to live our lives. Please help me say THANK YOU to all our Essential Workers.